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Social Proof and Real Estate Marketing

I saw this post on my Facebook feed and thought I would share it here as a great example of social proof.

According to the social proof concept, people are more inclined to mimic behaviors and opinions they view as popular and desirable. Basically, they will do what others are doing—deeming them "right"—and validate their actions based on reliance of feedback.

Think: FOMO, cosigning, or "wisdom of the crowds."

Featuring a country music legend in a country music bar—in Nashville—is a no-brainer way to frame Robert's Western World as a top spot for country credibility. Mama, they're *not* crazy!

Amazon product reviews are another form of social proof. Also, every time you see a political candidate being endorsed by a fellow politician, celebrity, CEO, etc., you are experiencing social proof.

In real estate, your testimonials and endorsements are social proof tools. Who you know says a lot about you.

If you meet with or know influencers, notables, CEOs, or anyone who commands a large following, snap a picture and tag them. Host a buyer/seller appreciation event and take a group shot and individual shots so the world can see your large cast of happy clients.

Create buzz around your book of business and shape the narrative that you are a must-hire!

Think about your network. Are there any big players who could "cosign" your skills?


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