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(Social) Listen Up!

Have you ever wondered if people are talking about you? You as in your brand, that is.

Social listening is an important part of digital media. A Google alert is a great way to monitor your brand and your market. There are plenty of benefits: • Leverage positive mentions of your brand name and taglines (both team branding and McGraw) • Monitor competitors • Mitigate negative press or reviews • Stay current on regional market trends and performance • Identify ideas for content • Prevent plagiarism

You can create keyword alerts or long-tail keywords (more specific). Create one for your name. Target neighborhoods and builders. Create alerts for your niche.

Okay, you can create them for celebrity news too. Nobody is judging you!

They are easy to set up, and will deliver results directly to your InBox:

Leverage alerts to catch mentions in real time—your brand is only as good as your reputation!

#ReputationManagement #McGrawRealtors #WeAreMcGraw

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