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Christmas in Chicago

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

When life hands you lemons, take a train trip.You can have lemonade on the train.

Last week, I took a spontaneous Amtrak trip to Chicago. Dressed in work clothes, I walked around the Loop with my handy, "Indiana Jones" book bag and had a day of adventure.

I finished work projects and even completed, in advance, a few projects for next semester. I did some Christmas shopping too.

It was a nice calm before the storm before a week of serious reality. There have been many endings this year—end of a job a tragic family loss and the end of a decade.

But there is one bright beginning on the horizon: a new opportunity with a great company. goVirtualOffice, which starts in January.

This trip was cathartic and much-needed. It was a reset.

The city has a way of birds-eye-viewing your worries. It's a neutralizer. It's a reminder that you life your life; life doesn't just happen to you.

So I highly recommend taking a day-break for yourself if you can. It can be a productive, efficient, and soul-satisfying day trip.

Have your lemonade and drink it too.

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