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Influencer Marketing: Choosing a Candidate

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This was written for CAS 827: Digital Media Strategies in the Michigan State University Strategic Communications MA program.

About Logitech

Founded in 1981, Logitech sells computer peripherals to a global audience (Logitech, n.d.). . The company operates under several brands, including Logitech, Logitech G. ASTRO Gaming, Ultimate Ears, Jaybird, Blue Microphones, and Stream Labs (Logitech, n.d.). Logitech is not stranger to influencer marketing.

Krista Todd, former Logitech vice president of marketing and communications, stated that Logitech leverages the highly engaged, niche audiences of micro-influencers to create “sustained enthusiasm” to their core audience (as cited in Alkon, 2018, p. 4). Logitech’s 2019 net sales totaled $2,788,322, and in in Q1 2020, net sales are $2,975,851 (Logitech, 2020). 

Target audience 

  • Male and Female

  • Middle school and high school students (12-18)

  • Middle school and high school parents

Logitech’s biggest segments are under 24 and 45-54 (Numerator, n.d.). Median income segments, from smallest to largest are $20K-$40K, $60K-$80K, and $80K-$100K (Numerator, n.d.). Considering the work-from-home, pandemic climate, many peripheral brand leaders may choose to focus on Millennials, GenX, and Boomer segments. But to be different, I would focus on school-aged students who are also at home now more than ever. Thus, the target audience for this influencer campaign is middle school and high school students (who, by proxy, fall under the purchasing power of parents who define Logitech’s most engaged segments). 


  • Net sales: $3,500,000 for 2020

  • Product awareness: 70% increase among middle school and high school students

  • Website traffic: 45% increase in click-through referrals to

  • Engagement: 50% in community engagement

  • Audience: 35% increase in school-age audiences

Micro-influencer Candidate

Aaron Denius @aarondenius Young fiction author  TV/Film writer, producer, actor, and director On his Twitter profile, Denius features the slogan: “I turn words into worlds” (Denius, n.d.).  This sentiment would be a perfect slogan for this influencer campaign.  A Virginia native, Aaron Denius has written for film and TV. He turned his attention to young adult (YA) fiction and wrote the Gene. Sys. series. I found Danius on BuzzSumo. His metrics are strong enough to justify a campaign to Logitech leadership, especially due to his high domain dominance. His mid-level page dominance and low retweet ratio could use improvement; however, these metrics could offer financial everage to Logitech during the negotiation phase.

Students working from home may find themselves in the market for new tech and hardware. One could argue that kids and teenagers place more wear-and-tear on peripherals (food and spilled drink, for example) so there are many market opportunities in the peripheral market. If this was a real campaign, Logitech could create a series of YA influencer campaigns that show a variety in gender, genre, and ethnicity to expand campaign reach. The campaign could have students “help” create a story with the brand, suggesting plots and storylines through social media—boosting engagement in the process. Denius could write micro-stories on Twitter, contributing to hashtags like #AmWriting, #WritersLife, #WordCount, #WritingPrompt, while suggesting @Logitech to his followers as a #FollowFriday (Reed, 2017). A YA author and writer would make an appropriate, market-relevant, on-brand, and motivating influencer for students and could achieve buy-in with parents (who may also need peripherals for their WFH offices). References

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