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Impressions and Reach: Metrics to Watch

On any given social media day, you see all kinds of content. But you only click what you find interesting. This standard pattern of digital behavior ties directly to marketing metrics, two of which are impressions and reach. So when you create, say, a Facebook or Google Ad, you target based on demographic, geographic, and psychographic (lifestyles and predictive behaviors) in order to reach your intended audience. Impressions are like exposure—measuring the number of times your ad was displayed to your target audience. Reach is synonymous with engagement—measuring the number of users who were exposed to your content because they chose to click or complete the desired call-to-action. In simplest terms, reach is the number of times a user has seen your ad or content. For example, if your ad was displayed 400 times and 150 people clicked on it:

  • Impressions are 400

  • Reach is 150

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