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Consumer Research Survey

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This was written for CAS 829: Evaluation Techniques in the Michigan State University Strategic Communications MA program.


Survey link:


Set up a survey on Qualtrics.

You must ensure that the entire survey functions as it should.

• Make sure you include a welcome message. It needs to have the following elements:

o Thank participants for their willingness to participate in the survey

o Give an estimate of the time the survey will take

o Assure participants that their responses are anonymous

• Check every item for spelling or grammatical errors. There should be none!

• All response options should make sense. If participants are allowed to choose multiple answers for a question, be sure Qualtrics is set up to allow this. If responses are on some sort of scale, make sure the participant understands what the values mean (e.g., if 1 is strongly agree or strongly disagree; if 10 is a high ranking or a low ranking, etc)

• Make sure your survey displays properly on mobile devices. Use the preview function on Qualtrics to check this. If participants are going to have to flip their phone screen at some times during the survey, then you need to warn them about this at the outset of the survey.

• If you are using skip logics, make sure they work. There should not be any questions that start with “If you answered yes to…” or “If you answered no to…”. You should use skip logics in place of these qualifiers.

• Make sure you use display logics so that people don’t see any items they shouldn’t see while taking the survey.

• Include the final message that will display to participants. This should be a one- to two-sentence thank you message.

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