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A Picture of Beer: Man Men Scene Rewrite

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This was written for CAS 840: Audience Analytics in the Michigan State University Strategic Communications MA program.

Assignment: Watch this clip from Mad Men and modernize the concepts for 2020


Image: Admirim Luboteni [YouTube Channel] | AMC Networks

Mad Men

“A Picture of Beer”




Don is addressing a Microsoft Teams meeting with fifteen participants from his MacBook Pro.


I watched the Miller Light deck and I have some thoughts. I think the scope is too narrow. This Wisconsin fellow. Does he not have a wife, college-aged kids, neighbors, or co-workers who drink beer also? Let’s consider a broader range of user experiences and the touchpoints where we can engage. We need to create several marketing personas.


Our research has shown that in 2019, the target demo was ages twenty-one to forty-four, and the global beer market should hit nine hundred sixty-two billion…

Jack’s screen freezes.


Are you talking about the Brewbound survey? You’re aware that specifically relates to craft beer, right? Plus, we have to be mindful of industry studies that are skewed to report favorable findings. General rule of thumb, people: Independent or in-house studies FTW.


Jack does not reply. His screen is frozen still.


Jack does make a point—although accidentally. We can’t market Miller Lite with a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not the Sixties! We have to define our core market, drill down into segments, and communicate a unique call-to-action for each while maintaining our brand message and positioning. And then we have to figure out how to “Cialdini” this project and create reciprocity, commitment, consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity tactics. 


Jack returns.

Sorry about that. So where was I… Okay, according to Statista, the average revenue per capita in 2020 was $307.69. That is forecast to grow even higher with more people at home during the pandemic.


Don takes a swig of coffee.

Fair enough. That is a good insight. I think what we need are two research teams: industry and social media. Each team will compile data needed to revamp the Miller Lite campaign. We can create personas based not only on beer demographics, but on competitive intelligence data of, say, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


May I suggest creating an internal and an external analysis for Miller? We can create a SWOT and a PESTEL or Porter’s Five Forces analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses while creating a snapshot of competitors, external threats, and any legal, political, or economic factors that could affect the brand.


I think that sounds like a great place to start. Based on the results of these analyses and the research teams, we can start brainstorming our paid, owned,and earned media strategies.


Yes sir.


Sounds great!


Leans closer to the laptop camera.

Okay. This is a good start. In closing, I want you all to think about cross-promotional opportunities. We want big-name partners with big follower counts. We need people who share the social sentiment and language of Miller’s audience. I’ll consider influencers if you vet them meticulously—just no reality stars! I want a packet of twenty potential partners/collabs—with a rationale—by five o’clock tomorrow. Remember Miller’s Story Brand lesson: customers do not take action…


…unless they are challenged to take action.


Exactly. Thanks everyone. I look forward to an all-Miller virtual happy hour in the near future.

Don ends the meeting. He looks out the window and sees a GrubHub driver exiting his vehicle with a package. He wrinkles his forehead at an idea.




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