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It seems the letter "M" has always been an influence in my life. 

My name is Marc. I was born in Michigan (Pontiac to be specific) and I work as a marketing manager. When I was 18, I met fellow Michigan-native Madonna. She wasn't very friendly, but I can count meeting a legend from the Midwest among my accomplishments. My best friend, who I met in 1991 at MSU, is named Marlene. 

When I was a teenager, we moved to Maryland. When I was in my twenties, I graduated from Michigan State. When I was in my forties, I earned my MBA. 

I'm married, and apparently I must matriculate because here I am writing another graduate school personal statement about myself. According to my Instagram profile, I am a: Wisconsin-licensed barber (I cut a mean taper); dog dad; vegetarian; shower singer (I do a mean James Taylor); superhero nerd; and podcast enthusiast. I love to travel and taken pictures of people taking pictures on a foggy day in London. I have walked around streets fairs in Sao Paolo and road-tripped cross-country.


I root for the underdog, because I have been gay and Latin during times when both were secrets to be kept or shameful shackles. When people mocked me, laughed at me, or denigrated me, I learned to fight back—through words and through wit. I found that intelligence was my best ally for those of us who do not fit into the mainstream. 

In the battle of everyday life, I would be a Dorothy Parker rather than a Jason Statham. Articulation versus manipulation. Writing has always meant so much to be because it made me feel unique and poised for something greater. It was the way in which I could contribute.

To that end, I want to learn more so I can impart my love of writing to my nephews, to my co-workers, and to my interns. I have tutored writing and mentored marketing students. Helping students write papers only makes me want to write papers. I think the best tutors are lifelong students at heart. 

The letter M: Michigan; marketing; midwest; Maryland; MBA; matriculate; mocked; mainstream; manipulation; mentoring. It seems to follow me in the best way because it made me who I am.

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