Marketing. Graphic design. Branding.
Nothing could be brighter for a writer at heart than the prospect a wider appreciation of the art.
A journalism alumnus from Michigan State University, I have a diverse background in feature writing, news reporting, graphic design, typesetting, page layout/design, blogging, event planning/setup, office administration, help desk, and even barbering.
Yup. I am Wisconsin-licensed barber. 
Fresh out of my undergrad days, I interned at The Detroit News and Free Press as a copy-editor and as a reporter. I have been published in the Wisconsin State Journal, Lansing State Journal, and several weekly newspapers.
I earned my MBA in 2017 and wrote my master’s thesis on the efficacy and contributions of online tutoring as a modern pedagogy. That is fancy wording for: “online tutoring is the new thing.” I loved working on this long-term, forty-two-page project.
Qualitative research and analysis have become new and welcomed core competencies.
After my MBA program, I was accepted into the UW-Madison Graduate School—into the curriculum and instruction master of science program—but decided not to move forward for student-loan-ish reasons.
Teaching may not have been the right path for me. Still, it was a great feeling to know I was accepted into such an amazing, and nationally recognized program. 
In May, I joined the
Michigan State University Strategic Communication program, with a digital media emphasis. I am beyond elated to return "home" to MSU and to continue my academic journey. I LOVE having papers to write and projects to design. #MSU #StratCom 
When I’m not nerding-out on tech and social media trends, I like to hang with my dog, play videogames, binge-watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (“The Office,” “30 Rock,” and “Doctor Who” are some favorites), swim, read, write, find spicy vegetarian recipes, and listen to audio fiction and political podcasts.
I am a writer at heart.
I am academically restless.
I am drawn magnetically to learning.
Writing is the fundamental structure of marketing, and I want to make a difference in the work I do and the projects on which I work—one sentence at a time.

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