A journalism alumnus from Michigan State University, I have a diverse background in feature writing, news reporting, graphic design, typesetting, page layout/design, blogging, event planning/setup, office administration, help desk, and even barbering.​

I earned my MBA in 2017 and wrote my master’s thesis on the efficacy and contributions of online tutoring as a modern pedagogy. That is fancy wording for: “online tutoring is the new thing.”

In May 2021, I completed the Michigan State University Strategic Communication program, with a media analytics emphasis. 


When I’m not nerding-out on tech and social media trends, I like to hang with my dog, play videogames, binge-watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (“The Office,” “30 Rock,” and “Doctor Who” are some favorites), swim, read, write, take Amtrak trips, take day and overnight trips to Chicago, find spicy vegetarian recipes, and plug into theater of the mind (audio fiction, immersive fiction podcasts, and news/politics-based podcasts.

Also, I am a newly pressed vinyl fan and am having fun growing my collection—with a focus on eighties pop and alternative, classic rock, and Joni Mitchell.​

I am a writer at heart.

I am academically restless.

I want to make a difference—
one sentence at a time.